The sustainable architectural design movement has grown rapidly in the past few years, largely because of the efforts of organizations such as the US Green Building Council.  Various sustainable building rating systems have been developed to quantify and assess sustainable design measures.  The USGBC’s LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system is not only the U.S. market leader, but is also the most widely use rating system by Federal and state agencies.

We are constantly encouraging our clients to commission projects that are designed for environmental sustainability and limited use of depletable natural resources.  While some projects are designed using a quantifiable green building rating system such as LEED, our philosophy of sustainable design aims to use global principles of sustainability in all of our projects.

In todays’ global delivery system understanding the economic, social and ecological impact of products and systems in the built environment,  is difficult at best.  At Design Edge, we try to educate ourselves constantly, so that the core of our sustainable design practice is not prescriptive based on any one rating system, but is based on a recognition of the complex nature of environmental and social sustainability.